VHF/UHF reports from around EN40


December 31, 2016

I have not been too active on VHF+ bands , hopefully that will change this spring. I have several new projects in the works that should help me build my enthusiasm for weak signal work back up to a level of years past. One of the projects is not mine, but a friends, Jerry, WJ9G. Jerry has been slowly assembly a 1296 EME station and has allowed me to help a little with the intention of having me up to watch and listen when it goes live (I think he is hoping to see me get on 1296 EME as well). Jerry has a 12 foot mesh dish with a polar mount, a septum feed horn and has a couple of different amplifiers that should allow him to easily work CW off the moon.


Afer have running no more than 100 watts on 6 meters for almost 35 years, I am in the process of converting an amplifier to 6 meters, something that should supply 700 watts out on CW and close to a KW PEP on SSB. I purchased a Dentron MLA-2500 for a decent price, sold the tubes and will take the RF components out and replace them with 50 MHz parts as well as using a pair of GI-7B tubes. The goal is to have it done before the 2107 summer Es season.









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